Regarding batteries whose application is the storage of renewable energies such as solar and wind power, the evaluation of your return on investment will essentially depend on 3 criteria :

• The size of your battery (in kWh)

• The technology used (Lead, Lithium-ion, LFP, NMC, Vanadium, etc.) because each will have its own operations and characteristics that will have to be evaluated according to the context of your project (What is your power requirement? ambient temperature on site? What is the average duration of irradiation of your site? etc).

• The tariffs/prices you can benefits from (tariffs of the energy supplier [purchase and sale of electricity], indexation to market tariffs, access to system services etc etc)

By studying all of these parameters correctly, the return on investment of your project can vary considerably and potentially be 4 to 5 times greater than initially expected!

How to increase your return on investment

Depending on the battery and inverter model, you will be able to increase your return on investment by interacting with your battery. In fact, Neolec technology allows you to manage your battery as efficiently as possible by taking into account the weather forecast and the various tariffs from your electricity supplier (day-night for example). In addition, these forecasts allow us to make the best use of the operating potential of your battery to significantly increase its life!

How to diversify your income


Our algorithm can adapt to get the best out of each situation. Depending on the regulations of the country we are working on, we adapt our strategies, sometimes to maximize self-consumption, sometimes to cut consumption spikes (peak shaving) or production (solar lopping), buy and sell energy to the grid when needed (ancillary services) etc ... we can help you set up this management so you may benefit from all the services available in your country.

Whatever the type of project (connected to the network, absence of grid (= offgrid), or on unreliable grid with power failures) we will have a solution to make your storage project more profitable!

How to assess the profitability of a battery